Set up DMV hearing, Get police report and chemical test results, Handle any Bail motion, Plea negotiations. Once a TOTAL of $2500 has been paid (including the first $1500), you get all the stuff on the left PLUS:
Speedy Trial Motions, Motions to Suppress for Constitutional violation, AND almost all other pre-trial motions


Also includes Motions in Limine (Plus everything to the left, not already done in the case).

We count moneys paid under the earlier portions of the contract toward the $5000.

($1000 down + $500 per month until paid in full - BUT - must be paid in full before next stage of case.)

Our three contract stages on Misdemeanor cases include the following services:


  • Appearance at all San Joaquin County court dates - without you if court will allow it.
  • Set DMV DUI License Suspension Hearing(if contacted in time).
  • Request Discovery from DMV so we get police report early (if possible).
  • Request a Stay of the Suspension so that the DMV suspension can happen at a time somewhat more convenient to you. (if possible)
  • Informal Discovery Request to San Joaquin County District Attorney.
  • Review of police report and other evidence obtained by prosecution.
  • Bail motions
  • Investigate the validity of prior convictions for non-1st offenders. (transcript fees may be applicable)
  • All plea negotiations.

MISDEMEANOR CONTRACT STAGE 2: ($2500 minus amount paid on STAGE 1)

  • Formal Discovery Motion if Necessary.
  • Watch, and summarize any patrol car videos or police dispatch audio obtained.
  • Serna Motions (speedy trial violation motion) (if appropriate).
  • Motion to Suppress Evidence due to Constitutional violations (if appropriate).
  • Pitchess Motion to Examine Officer’s Background (if appropriate and desired).

MISDEMEANOR CONTRACT STAGE 3: ($5000 minus amounts paid for STAGE 1 and STAGE 2)

  • Motions in Limine. These "morning-of-trial" motions will be done and filed without a STAGE 3 contract ONLY if it will create a negotiations edge.
  • Jury Trial.