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A Sacramento DUI arrest can result in at least a few days of jail or work-project, thousands of dollars in fines, increased car insurance rates, and a mandatory alcohol class that lasts for several months. Although this is harsh (especially comparing it to many felonies where NO jail time is actually required), the courts are not usually trying to destroy people's lives on a first offense Sacramento DUI.

The Sacramento misdemeanor court system is ridiculously backed up, meaning that a typical DUI case in Sacramento can take upwards of four months to resolve, even if the defense does not contest the case. In a contested case, unfortunately, it takes closer to six months to a year for a case to completely resolve.


A good Sacramento DUI Attorney will know what to look for to try to win your case. Whether there was a valid reason to stop your car, whether there was sufficient cause for the officer to start a drunk driver investigation, who was actually driving the car, what the BAC was and whether it will be provable in court.

A Sacramento Drunk Driving Lawyer CAN HELP YOU, EVEN IF YOU WERE DRUNK

Even if you know your case is not winnable, contact me now! There are many things that a Sacramento Drunk Driving Lawyer can do for a client with an unwinnable case that can result in what is effectively a shorter license suspension, and sometimes shaving off several months of the mandatory alcohol class - completion of which is mandatory before getting your unrestricted license back.


Just as important to many Sacramento DUI clients is the confidentiality that I help you achieve - in many cases, the Sacramento DUI client can get through the whole situation without their employer finding out about the DUI arrest. Sacramento DUI Lawyer Matthew Becker helps clients stay at the office instead of having to take time off from work to be in the courtroom. So long as the charge is a misdemeanor, Sacramento DUI Lawyers are usually able to keep the client out of the courtroom - But Beware, some judges will not cooperate with this for multiple offenders.


You only have 10 days after the drunk driving arrest to contact the California DMV driver safety office - or have Sacramento DWI Attorney Matthew Becker contact them for you. If the DMV is not contacted in time, either by you or by your Sacramento DWI Attorney, you will almost certainly face a suspension of your driving privileges.

The effect of this DMV suspension can frequently be worse than the effects of the criminal charge. Sacramento DWI Lawyer Matthew Becker will handle the DMV bureaucracy for you, in some cases saving your license entirely; and in others, maximizing the overlap between the DMV license suspension and any court ordered license suspension so that you suffer the minimum amount of time without a license.

The DMV is biased against the client in their drunk driving License Suspension Hearings. The DMV hearing officer acts as judge, jury, and prosecutor. For this reason, you really need a Sacramento DWI Lawyer on your side. At least in court there is a separate judge. You can read more about this on my drunk driving Resources Page. If a suspension is unavoidable, the skills of your Sacramento Drunk Driving Attorney can still be invaluable in terms of timing the suspension around your life and minimizing the total length of your license suspension.


Call now. (916)228-7666. Many attorneys offer a free initial consultation that involves asking what you are charged with and quoting a price. I do things differently. Since I post my prices online, if you call me, we will discuss the facts of your case. I will give you a heads-up on what the maximum and minimum you are facing if convicted and will discuss with you what options might be available. Call me or check out my Sacramento DUI resources at the bottom of the page.


Because we practice throughout a large area (Marysville to Modesto plus the Bay Area), we get some perspective about which local police departments are legit (most) and which departments have more serious problems. Our experiences with the Sacramento Police Department have not had any highly negative moments. They appear to be at least as professional as most big-city officers. The training is somewhat suspect as for DUI investigations, but again, that is normal for big-city cops to be mistrained on field sobriety tests.

Sacramento CHP offices are as professional and properly trained as CHP (almost) everywhere.

If a Sacramento City Police Officer ends up reading this... please get the CHP DUI manual and study it. Where it conflicts with your SacPD training, do what CHP says. Their training is based on NHTSA studies and is far more scientifically sound than the $#!+ they have been teaching you.

Sacramento County is one of four counties that requires an ignition interlock device for five months upon conviction. Unfortunately, this is the one thing that usually cannot be made to run concurrent with the DMV. The court can backdate suspensions (more on that in the information sections below) to double-count the DMV suspension time. Unfortunately, the same is not true of the ignition interlock requirement. It is NOT a requirement of the DMV suspension. It is a requirement to start after conviction.

The Sacramento County District Attorney is reasonably fair in its initial offers for 1st offenders. However, if you fight your case, they will attempt to punish you for such. If you have the stomach to take your case to trial, a lot of times (but not always) you can get a judge to give the original offer at the end.


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