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Our Promises to Our Clients


Sacramento DUI Lawyer Matthew Becker is unable to make any promises as to the outcome of your case because of common sense, state bar rules, and California State law. But that doesn't mean that no promises can be made. All clients will receive the following:


An attorney should use all reasonable measures to keep client information confidental and to keep client informed of what is happening in the case.


An attorney should be reasonably accessable to the client - responding to true emergencies within minutes to hours, and responding to all reasonable requests for contact within 72 hours.

A Listener

An attorney should pay close attention to the goals of the client. If you are uncertain as to what goals are reasonable, your attorney should give you enough information to determine them.

A Problem Solver

An attorney should look at every angle possible to achieve your goals.

A Teammate

An attorney should explain to your options clearly.

An Ally

An attorney should help you get where you want to go, rather than telling you where to go.

A Partner

An attorney should create financial arrangements that allow both the attorney and the client to achieve their goals.

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At Becker Law Practice, I focus on DUI cases. I am here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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